Lady Cop Makes Trouble by Amy Stewart

Lady Cop Makes Trouble - Amy Stewart

It is 1915 in New Jersey and although Constance Kopp has been offered the job of a deputy working for Sheriff Heath, her position is not officially recognized by law due to the fact that she is a woman. That doesn’t deter Constance and she is determined to prove herself capable in a man’s world. But when a prisoner escapes on her watch, things don’t look good for her or Sheriff Heath. But have no fear; Constance will do her best to recapture the man even if it takes her all the way to New York City! The situations that Constance gets in are somewhat humorous and read like capers. Yet make no mistake, Constance is 100% dedicated to her job and she is as determined as they come. 

Her sisters, Norma and Fleurette perfectly compliment her in her adventures. Norma has taken her hobby to the next level and started her own organization for carrier pigeons. The ever-fashionable, young Fleurette dreams of being on the stage and a local music and dance program leads her to a job making costumes. 

There is a lot to appreciate here. The main characters and many others are based on real-life historical figures and actual newspaper headlines of the era. The books are historically accurate to their time and we get a true glimpse of what is must have been like for the real Constance to prove herself at a time when women just didn’t work in law enforcement. 

Although I wasn’t as tickled as I was with Girl Waits with Gun, the first book of the series, there is still a certain charm to the way Amy Stewart tells her story and I do look forward to reading the further adventures of Ms. Kopp!

I want to thank the publisher (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) for providing me with the ARC through the Goodreads Giveaways program for an honest review.