The Shadow Throne by Django Wexler

The Shadow Throne - Django Wexler

As her father, King Farus Orboan VIII lies dying, Princess Raesinia Orboan is the next in line to inherit the throne of Vordan.  But Raesinia knows that she can only reign successfully if she can oust the Minister of Information, Duke Orlanko. 


The Duke is known as the most dangerous man in all of Vordan.  Underneath his lair lies the Cobweb, a place where the Duke imprisons and tortures those who are a threat.  Outside the walls of the Cobweb, Orlanko employs the Concordat, special agents who do his dirty work for him.  The Duke also possesses a special secret, one which will allow him to manipulate Princess Raesinia once she is in place on the throne, making him the king in all but name. 


But Princess Raesinia has her own hidden plans.  By day she plays a delicate, empty-headed princess; by night she is Raesinia Smith, one of a small circle working behind the scenes to free Vordan of Orlanko’s influence.  Raesinia’s group is slowly gaining influence on the people and when a charismatic young man named Danton is persuaded to join them, they believe that the time has come to put a bigger plan in motion.


Colonel Janus bet Vhalnich was sent to Khandar to suppress the rebellion.  Fresh off the heels of that battle, Vhalnich is summoned back to Vordan and appointed the Minister of Justice.  Vhalnich is accompanied by Captain Marcus d’Ivoire and Lieutenant Winter Ihernglass.  Vhalnich and company are the characters we know from The Thousand Names, book 1 in the series.  While Vhalnich remains an enigma to those serving him (and those reading about him), we continue to follow the paths of Marcus and Winter closely.  Marcus is returning to his home for the first time in 19 years and he is haunted by loss and betrayal.  Winter is trying to come to terms with all of the recent changes in her life and when she takes on a new assignment her past also resurfaces.


New and old characters alike keep this a riveting read from the very beginning and it’s full of political intrigue.  I settled into this book and got lost in another world, loving this series!