Vanished by Joseph Finder

Vanished - Joseph Finder

Joseph Finder’s Vanished is the first book in the Nick Heller series. 


Nick Heller is an international investigator working for the high-powered intelligence firm, Stoddard Associates.  His current assignment: locate the missing cargo which was part of a shipment belonging to the Traverse Development Group.  But when all signs point to the case being wrapped up too tidily, Nick just isn’t buying it.   


Coinciding with Nick’s case, his estranged brother Roger is kidnapped.  Nick’s relationship with his brother was shattered by their rich father’s highly publicized arrest and imprisonment.  But Nick has stayed close to Roger’s stepson Gabe.  For Gabe’s sake, Nick has to find Roger and protect his family from further threat.


As Nick delves further into the two cases he finds out that his employer may be involved a high-level cover-up and that his brother, Roger has been hiding a few secrets of his own. 


Nick Heller is an intense and likeable character.  Having been a Special Forces operative, he is tough and street savvy.  Nick also has a reputation for being able to see around corners.  He goes into a case like a dog with a bone and doesn’t give up.  He utilizes many of his past connections to help with his investigations and he’s not afraid to step outside the law when necessary. His circle of friends is a handy group to know and the author provides us with some in-depth knowledge of their investigative techniques.    


In the vein of a fine John Grisham novel, Vanished is a brisk thriller that introduces us to a new hero with a lot of depth.  If you are in the mood for good, page-turning escapism, give it a try!