This is what I read in May for Short Story Month
This is what I read in May for Short Story Month

Most of us readers know that May was Short Story Month.  I am just a bit behind!  


I don't really think of myself as much of a short story reader but I have read a lot of Stephen King shorts, because I love Stephen King!  Generally, I think of myself as one who likes to settle in for the long haul!  But being the contradictory person that I am, I find myself reading more and more of them since I started a blog.  This is because I've found that some of the blogs I enjoy following the most are those of unknown writers who publish their shorts on their own blogs.  


For short story month in May, I also chose to read three by a known author, Andy Weir, who wrote The Martian.  I enjoyed that book very much.  These are all three very short 3-4 page stories that can be read online for free.   Andy has a great sense of humor and a talent for thinking outside the box.  


The Egg is a very interesting and imaginatively written piece of flash fiction that really makes you think...    what if  ????  There are so many ways to look at this story and it left a good taste in my mouth.  4 stars 


The whole time I was reading Annie's Day I was thinking "Boy, this Annie really needs to read The Egg!"  There is a great unexpected little twist at the end. 4 stars


I wasn't that taken with The Chef.  Apparently Andy thinks you'll be more taken with it upon a second read because when you get to the end, he tells us "Now read it again."  I still wasn't that taken with it.  I don't know, I guess the subject matter just didn't do much for me.  2.5 stars


Well, that's about all I can say without ruining it for other readers.  I mean this review is as long as one of the shorts!  If you've read them, leave a comment with your perspective.


Although I've passed up the month of May with this post, you may be interested in reading short stories year round.  There are innumerable blogs and websites where you can read them for free.


These are just a few of the websites that have short stories to read:


These are some great Wordpress blogs that I follow for short stories:


There are so many so if you have a short story blog, leave a link in the comments for those of us who might like to come over and read some of your writings!