The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell

The Silent Twin: A dark, gripping detective thriller (Detective Jennifer Knight Crime Thriller Series Book 3) - Caroline Mitchell

It’s a lovely morning on Blackwater Farm and the two 9 year-old twins who live there are playing hide and seek.  But Abigail has hidden so well, that her twin sister Olivia can’t find her. 



Abigail is reported missing and Detective Jennifer Knight is assigned as the family liaison on the case.   Jennifer is part of a covert team that operates under the name Operation Moonlight.  Operation Moonlight investigates crimes with an unearthly edge.  Jennifer is just developing her psychic skills which include an ability to communicate with the other side.


Visitors to the Blackwater Farm have reported light bulbs shattering, tables jumping around and other strange occurrences.  There is rumor that there is a curse on the house and those who live there.  Upon Jennifer’s arrival there, she feels the darkness of the house and senses the past inhabitants along with a lot of death in its history. 



Jennifer begins working with Abigail’s parents and Olivia, hoping to beat the clock and find Abigail alive.  Father, Nick Duncan is a fellow police investigator and he’s being very cooperative, but he’s harboring a secret from his past.  The mother, Joanna Duncan appears untroubled by her daughter’s disappearance, yet she vehemently opposes calling in a psychiatrist to talk with Olivia.  Olivia has stopped talking altogether.   The few words that Jennifer has been able to get out of her are very chilling indeed and add further mystery to the case. 



Dark and chilling diary entries are featured in between the chapters.  The diary entries don’t reveal the writer’s identity, but whoever it is, they are very creepy and twisted with a horrible past. 



It’s well-known statistically that parents are usually at the top of a suspect list when a child disappears.  This book talks about the high statistics of child disappearances in England.  There is just as big a problem here in America.  There is a good reason that parents are at the top of suspect lists in these cases, as oftentimes one of them is the culprit.  In The Silent Twin, this fact is not disregarded.  The parents are looked at very carefully and boy do they have issues!


I haven’t read the first two books in the Detective Jennifer Knight series but I’m going to.  I liked the detective and I want to know more about her past.  It’s alluded to that she had some dark times herself and she has only recently accepted her extrasensory perceptions.  She’s a bit of a clean freak to the point of being OCD and she’s also a fashion plate, which is unusual in the detective world.  I love fashion plates! 



This is a very well written and complex psychological thriller with many twists and a bit of the supernatural thrown in.  It will definitely keep you guessing!


I want to thank the publisher (Bookouture) for providing me with the ARC through Netgalley for an honest review.