A Keeper's Truth

A Keeper's Truth - Dee Willson

Tess is 26 years old.  She is strong, she is level-headed and she’s really taken her life in a positive direction from where she started out.  Then she tragically loses her husband in a car accident.  She struggles daily to overcome her grief and be a good mother to their 5 year old daughter.   She is plagued by nightmares every night and strange visions during the day.  The visions are so peculiar that she’s afraid if she tells anyone about them, they will think she’s insane like her mother. 


Tess tries to keep herself busy, going to lunch with her best friend, painting in her studio and participating in community events with her daughter.  She takes her daughter on play dates with her best friend, Sophie and Sophie’s father.  The two are strictly friends with two daughters who love to spend time together.  Although he is an eligible bachelor, she is not yet ready to move on and he has a hard time opening up about his past.


Then Tess meets Bryce at her daughter’s school.  Bryce is drop-dead gorgeous and they immediately spark.   The two have a great rapport and things seem so familiar and easy between them.   It’s almost like she’s known him before.  There is definitely something different about Bryce but Tess can’t pinpoint what it is.


Tess finds herself tossed about between these two men who both want a future with her, but she is not feeling at all ready for a new relationship.  Yet no matter how hard she tries, she can’t shake the feeling that Bryce might be the person that can help her move past it all.  It’s almost as if it’s fated.  Can Bryce help Tess move on from her grief or is he a very dangerous man that she’s better off without?   


This is a book about souls and ancient histories.  Each chapter starts out with a bit of forgotten history or lore from ancient civilizations.  As a lover of this kind of stuff, I really enjoyed these bits.  It had a lot more of a romantic element to it than my usual read.  But it was well-balanced and the paranormal story-line was certainly intriguing.  It kept me going and when the POV changes in the last bit at the end, the story really takes quite a shocking turn!  It left me really wanting to read more, so luckily the author is hard at work on the next book!


I would definitely recommend this; it’s quite a lovely book!


I want to thank the publisher (Driven Press) for providing me with the ARC through Netgalley for an honest review.