The Magic Dogs of San Vicente by Mark Fishman

The Magic Dogs of San Vicente (Essential Prose) - Mark B. Fishman



A story of two brothers in El Salvador coming out on the other side of war.  During the war in El Salvador, Jose Luis Sanchez and Wilbur Eduardo Sanchez were brutally tortured and witnessed horrors beyond imagination.  They are on a desperate quest to put these horrors to rest with the help of mystical dogs that they aren't aware of, and a mystical totem provided by a friend from the past.  


I sometimes think that I write in very long sentences but THIS book was written in very long and winding sentences with all of the character's entire names being mentioned over and over again.  Some sentences were over a page long. The structure it was written in was initially very hard for me to get into.  It all seemed very repetitive and boring.  I though more than once that it seemed more like a story of two brothers tripping through the desert on peyote.  Hmmmm.....maybe it was.  


I want to thank the publisher (Guernica Editions) for providing me with the ARC through Netgalley for an honest review.