Mercy's still kicking a** and taking names!

Frost Burned  - Patricia Briggs

The continuation of Patricia Brigg's Mercedes Thompson series is just as fun-tastic as the rest of the series.  Mercy and her band of supernatural family members and friends just can't seem to live the peaceful life that they long for.   


Mercy's Thanksgiving starts out nicely and then she decides to take Adam's daughter, Jesse to the Black Friday sales to cheer her up.  Mercy isn't all that fond of shopping and the wild stampedes that go along with Black Friday are definitely not her style.  During this very trying day, Mercy and Jesse get in a nasty car accident and when Mercy calls home needing a ride she can't get hold of anyone.  She soon finds out that her husband, Adam and his pack of werewolves have been kidnapped.  Sensing Adam through their mate bond, Mercy can tell he is in pain and his wolves are in great danger.  She must unravel the who and why of their kidnapping and get her loved ones home.  Of course, this isn't easy and she has to kick some major butt to get it done!


Although the supernatural genre is very formulaic as a whole, if you are drawn to something in the characters, you just can't stop reading them.  Patricia Briggs never disappoints.  This book features most of the characters that we've met throughout the series.  I enjoy her characters immensely and she never fails to end by wrapping up even the smallest things she's touched on in the book.