The Boy Who Stole From the Dead by Orest Stelmach

The Boy Who Stole from the Dead - Orest Stelmach

In The Boy Who Stole From the Dead, we re-enter the world of Nadia Tesla after she has become guardian to her young cousin, now going by the name of  Bobby Kungenook.


Bobby is a rising star in high school hockey and has garnered national attention for his talent on the rink.  Sports reporter Lauren Ross thinks there is more to Bobby than meets the eye and she is determined to uncover his unknown background.  


When Bobby is accused of murder, he refuses to talk to Nadia or her friend and lawyer, Johnny.  Bobby has confessed and there is a witness to the crime.  Nadia refuses to believe that Bobby is guilty and returns to the Ukraine to uncover more of Bobby's past and find out the truth behind the alleged murder.  


Once again, I found myself enjoying the history given between the Ukraine and Russia.  If this is not a region you know much about, this series gives you great background on the current conflicts happening between these two countries.  I got a much better feel for the characters themselves in this book than I did in the first book. They seem to be slowly coming into focus. The relationship between Nadia and her family members is drawn in a little more and we learn that Johnny has the hots for her.  A quick adventurous read!